Birthdays and groups

Birthdays and groups

Live the Adventure !

In Secondworld’s Virtual Reality Centres (Lausanne-Geneva-Fribourg-Yverdon), we take you through an unusual experience… We immerse you together in Virtual Reality ! Our Game Masters will guide you, just relax and enjoy the ride !
Gaming, exploration, competition, escape games, everything is possible and limitless. And our Lab allows you to explore other aspects of the latest technologies.

A Typical Experience (5 to 25 people)

Briefing :  our Game Masters explain the main principles and controls.
(VR) Warm-up :   First steps in Virtual Reality. Walk, interact with objects and other players, looks at your avatar in the mirror… Why not starting a simple game of darts or table tennis ?…
(VR) Group quest : Players will have to work as a team and defeat small pirates or warriors. Strategy, agility, fight … and a lot of laughing.
(VR) Team competition :  Players work as teams in a tournament of Laser Tag, Paintball or Soccer for instance.
– (Large groups) 3D Modelling and printing : with our support, model your own 3D obejct and watch it being printed !
– (Large groups) Drones in First Person View. Pilot the drone as if you were seated on board !
– (Large groups) Challenges with robots. Light Painting, or competitions using our in-house robots.

How much ?

Individual sessions : 40 to 45 chf / hour and person.
Groups, from 5 to 16 people : from 280 to à 500 CHF for a total duration of 1h30 to 2h00, bookings directly through our website.

For larger groups, for specific offers or more information : contactez nous !

A few pictures !

GroupeIMG_00424 clientsIMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0078 (1)IMG_0056IMG_0041IMG_0074IMG_6104

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