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About us

Second World

Secondworld offers access to Virtual Reality as well as Augmented reality and Mixed Reality. Our mission is to promote and invite you to discover the immersive potential of these technologies by bringing those closer to you in Switzerland. Near Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg, we have opened the biggest space dedicated to Virtual Reality in Switzerland.

Our mission

With the acceleration of technological developments, the democratization of electronic and software components reserved only a few years ago to powerful corporations, or to research organizations, the opportunities to offer extraordinary experiences to the public are growing exponentially. Still, someone needs to take the time and effort to present them in an affordable way. Secondworld aims to play precisely this role: to search, understand, and make available the devices, software, experiences that will not fail to thrive in the coming years. Whether you are curious to new sensations, a group of friends looking for unusual activities, or a company seeking to innovate the training of their employees, we have the solution.

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how does it work


Total Immersion

Full immersion. You exist ... elsewhere. The visual and tactile stimulations are perfectly combined.

Multiple Universes

The creativity of the developers allows you to be at the top of a mountain as well as in a pitched battle in the Middle Ages

No Limits

You have the right to try, to cheat, to have fun. No consequences on the reality.